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Nalanda's datable history begins under the Gupta Empire [page needed] and a seal identifies a monarch named Shakraditya (Śakrāditya) as its founder.Both Xuanzang and a Korean pilgrim named Prajnyavarman (Prajñāvarman) attribute the foundation of a sangharama (monastery) at the site to him. Shakraditya is identified with the 5th-century CE Gupta emperor, Kumaragupta I (r.

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Papua New Guinea highlands shaken by magnitude-6.3. 'It was a bad as the last earthquake, very bad,' said the deputy administrator of Hela Province, Pius Pape. 'It caused further damage to houses, landslides a lot of damage to infrastructure.'

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Shailja Dwivedi murder: Major Nikhil Handa used to date. NEW DELHI: Delhi Police investigating the Shailja Dwivedi murder case has claimed that Major Nikhil Handa – the accused in the case - had befriended another woman, whom he contacted after committing the crime.Handa met the woman in question through dating site QuackQuack.In, a senior police officer said. The 40-year-old Army officer was arrested from Meerut on Sunday for allegedly killing.

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Bhagalpur - Wikipedia Bhagalpur is a city of historical importance on the southern banks of the river Ganges in the Indian state of Bihar.It is the 3rd largest city of Bihar and also the headquarters of Bhagalpur district and Bhagalpur division.Known as Silk City, it is a major educational, commercial, and political centre, and listed for development under the Smart City program, a joint venture between Government.

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Top 15 Places To Visit In Patna - Trans India Travels If history fascinates you, land in Patna, the capital of Bihar on your vacation. Patna has ancient elements written all over it. It is the largest town in Bihar and its history dates back to 3000 years.During ancient times, the city was famously known as Pataliputra and it served capital of Magadha kingdom.Ruled by various dynasties, the land reflects the influences of varied culture and.

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Latest News from Bihar, Breaking Bihar News, Bihar. Bihar: NHRC issues notices to Chief Secretary, DGP, seeks detailed report on Supaul school girls' thrashing. The incident happened on Saturday evening when the girl students of the residential school were playing within the campus.

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